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the city goes to bed

now I can live inside my head...

13 July
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"But what's life if it doesnt rush you along and knock you off your feet?"

"if we could live without passion,
maybe we'd know some kind of peace,
but without passion we'd be truly dead."

"When i'm on stage, I feel like I can be anything I want." -Selena

"Trust that little voice in your head that says 'wouldn't it be interesting if' And then do it."

"Well-behaved women rarely make history."

"Never let the fear of striking out
keep you from playing the game"

"I believe we write our own stories, each time we think we know the end, we don't. Luck exists somewhere between the world of planning and the world of chance. And the peace that comes from knowing that you just can't know it all. Life's funny that way, maybe once you let go of the wheel, maybe you'll end up where you belong"

"People often ask me why I became an actress, why I subjected myself to the rejection, the rudeness, the assault on my self-esteem, and the answer is: I couldn't picture myself doing anything else. The rush you get when you stand up there in front an audience and manage to elicit a response- whether it's laughter or dead silence- is so intoxicating that you can't wait to feel it again. It's like the effect of a drug, that rush of approval. Actors are basically pleasers- if we can't please our parents we might as well please somebody- so we're addicted to being applauded. Sally Field was lambasted for her 'you like me' unraveling, but every actor who made fun of her knew exactly what she was talking about. So I became an actress to win appproval, to cause a reaction, to make an impression" -Lucky Stars

"you can do it, you were born to do it."